¿Qué hay detrás de la campaña #kissandmakeup? ¡NO AL CIBER-BULLYING!

Ya son más de 15.000 las usuarias y usuarios de Instagram que se han fotografiado cubriendo su boca con una mano en la que se muestra un beso. ¿Pero qué hay detrás? ¿Una campaña publicitaria? ¿Una nueva moda? Pues no, algo mucho más conmovedor: la lucha contra en ciber-bullying.

La creadora de esta iniciativa es Buystander Revolution, una organización que lucha contra el acoso y para este propósito, se ha aliado con la marca de cosméticos Tarte en esta campaña.

Conocidos actores como Ashton Kutcher ya forman parte de la iniciativa, pero son los usuarios anónimos los que llenan esta red social de besos por una buena causa.

@jkissamakeup una gurú de la belleza se amina a contar su propia experiencia para que de esta forma, sirva de ejemplo a otras personas que están sufriendo este problema: “El acoso en la escuela continuaba cuando llegaba a casa a través de Internet. Por eso dejé de meterme en el ordenador y empecé a jugar con el maquillaje”.


As someone who was severely bullied when I was younger, when I heard @tartecosmetics teamed up with @bystanderrevolution this hit home for me. So often I was told to keep my mouth shut about me being bullied by school counselors and principals. The bullying at school continued when I got home through cyber-bullying. That is when I logged off my computer, and would go to play with makeup and escape into a world where I felt invincible and the harsh words of the bullies could no longer get to me. To this day, makeup still does the same for me. The negative words that I would hear every time I looked in the mirror, from them judging me about my appearance and how I choose to express myself, faded away, as I stood proud in the mirror and in front of my bullies and chose makeup over anything else and felt beautiful. Please join me in raising awareness about not only bullying, but cyber bullying as well. #Kissandmakeup #anticyberbulling Lipstick is Frenemy from Tarte. Pic by: @christianhenrysmith

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I am proud to join @tartecosmetics and @bystanderrevolution to bring awareness to cyber bullying! All it takes is a little reflection before you post that comment… Think about what you’re trying to accomplish. Bringing others down will never make you feel better about yourself, all it does is keep that dark cloud over your life but YOU have control over that: At some point we have to take accountability for our struggles and pain, and realize that hurting other people will never fix it. In fact, saying nice things to others makes you feel good! Try it… Who’s with me?! ?? I hope you’ll join us in this quest to make the Internet and social media a safe place for all to express themselves without fear of being bullied. ? #kissandmakeup #anticyberbullying #tartecosmetics

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Happy to join the movement with @tartecosmetics and @bystanderrevolution to put an end to cyber bullying! I’ve never been a victim of cyber bullying, but I was a victim of bullying in school and I’ve seen cyber bullying taking place. People don’t realize how harmful their words can be, whether it’s virtually or face-to-face. It’s saddening to think of those who have been driven to suicide or self harm due to the hurtful words of another human. Remember, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Love and kindness can go a very long way! Join us and many others and show your support for this movement by placing a kiss on the back of your hand and post it using #kissandmakeup! @sprinkleofglitr #kamilabravo #anticyberbullying #antibullying #takeastand #tartecosmetics

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Como no podría ser de otra manera en Latina Cool nos encanta esta iniciativa y nos sumamos así a ella 🙂 #KISSANDMAKEUP 


¡Nosotras también nos sumamos a la campaña contra en #ciberbullying #Kissandmakeup! ?✋? No more #cyberbullying!

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