#DIY: Organic Hair Masks That Work Magic On All Hair Types

As women, we have so much to worry about-from home life, to our professional life- we are expected to have everything under control at all times. This, more often than not, translates into not having time to take care of ourselves.  So many of us struggle to keep our hair looking healthy while most of us don’t have the time to search for the best products.

We know how precious time is, so we have put together a couple of recipes that include ingredients you already have in your house, all of which have long been used and proven to work magic on all hair types, especially on dry and damaged hair. These recipes are staples in the Dominican Salon industry which commands a lot of respect and is known across the globe for its expertise on how to keep hair healthy and looking beautiful.

We tend to strip our hair of its natural oils and nutrients when we subject it to chemicals that are found in dyes, relaxers and other tough processes.  The hair masks below are used to feed the hair with the necessary nutrients conducive to hair growth and its health.


After a tough process of dying and/or highlighting the hair, it loses a lot of its natural moisture and, thus, it is more susceptible to breakage. To combat this issue and help your strands maintain their shine and strength by feeding it the required nutrients lost, try this mask:


  • 1 Egg- for strength and shine
  • 1 table spoon of honey- for moisture
  • Half a cup of Beer- for Volume

Thoroughly blend these ingredients in a bowl, apply to the scalp, and then comb through the ends. Pin hair up and cover with hair cap for 90 minutes, so the heat can activate all the ingredients. You can then rinse the hair with water.


We often want our hair to grow and don’t really know what to do to make it happen without having to resort to hair extensions or weaves for a quick fix. 😉 This recipe will help grow hair faster by stimulating hair follicles.


  • 1 Onion- stimulates hair follicles
  • 1 Cup of honey- hydrates scalp

Peel the onion and extract all of its juice. Massage onion juice into scalp for 5 minutes. Then you take the honey and massage into scalp. Leave this combination on for half an hour. Do this everyday for a month, and tell us how much your hair grows!


Ladies, who doesn’t love bouncy and shiny hair? This recipe is sure to leave your hair looking uber-healthy, with shine to be noticed from afar.


  • 1 Ripe Avocado
  • One table spoon of olive oil
  • 1 Egg Yolk

Mash the ripe avocado until it’s made into a paste. Add the egg yolk and a tablespoon of olive oil. Mix well until all ingredients are well integrated into a paste. Apply to recently washed hair. Massage from the root to the ends. Leave in for 15 minutes and then wash off with warm water.

We know you are going to love the results and we are happy to help make your life easier while keeping you looking fresh.