9 estrenos de Netflix para diciembre que no te dejarán salir de casa

Diciembre es sinónimo de comida, vacaciones, frío, siestas y obviamente mucho ¡NETFLIX! Y como ellos también saben lo mucho que estamos esperando nuestras tardes de netflix and chill prepararon muchos estrenos para este mes, aquí los que mas nos gustaron:

1.- Bajo el mismo cielo: 10 de diciembre.

Aloha – 2015 ?? Romantic comedy drama | دراما رومنسية كوميدية #written , #produced and #directed by | #قصة_واخراج_وانتاج Cameron Crowe #starring | #بطولة #Bradley_Cooper #Emma_Stone #Rachel_McAdams #Bill_Murray #John_Krasinski #Danny_McBride #Alec_Baldwin . A military contractor returns to Hawaii to organize a traditional blessing for a new pedestrian gate. He will reconnect with the love of his life who got married to his best friend with 2 children , but unexpectedly he'll fall in love with his assigned watchdog Air Force soldier ? Hmmm it wasn't that bad BTW.. I liked that silly hat! ??? If you watched it tell me what do you think..? . مقاول عسكري بيرجع لهاواي عشان يحضر احتفال تقليدي يسمونه مباركة بوابة المشاة و بيعينون جندية من القوات الجوية بمهمة مراقبته! وبينما هو بهاواي، بيرجع يتواصل مع حبيبته السابقه اللي تزوجت صديقه وعندهم طفلين? بس بعدين بتبدا بينه وبين الجندية قصة حب ? الفلم لابأس به! وشسمه ترى حبيت هدية القبعة السخيفة! ??? اذا شفتوه عطوني رأيكم? #تقييمي | #rating 5 / 10 . #aloha #alohamovie #movies #mymovies #romance #comedy #drama #افلامي #افلام_اجنبية #تقييم_افلام #رومنس #كوميدي #دراما #2015

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2- Star Wars episodio IV: 1° de diciembre

3.- Música, Amigos y Fiesta: 16 de diciembre

?MOVIE REVIEW: We Are Your Friends (2015) Genre: Music/Drama/Romance (R) ?This movie didn't receive high ratings but i must say i actually enjoyed it. The story isn't new or unique but the music is pretty good. And i like the fact that it does not only focuses on making music and everything that comes with it, but also on the meaning of doing more with your life. For you to enjoy this movie however, you must take it for what it is rather than overly analyzing it for what its not ??RATING: 7/10 . . #weareyourfriends #zacefron #movienight #movienights #cinematography #dramamovie #dj #moviestar #moviedate #movielover #film #hollywood #music #musicalmovie #romance #drama #comedy #moviereview #movierelease #moviereviews #ilovemusic

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4.- A Very Murray Christmas: 4 de diciembre

Vem, gente! O especial de natal do Netflix #AVeryMurrayChristmas já está disponível! Se você não tem Netflix, acesse nosso site/Twitter para ver as performances! Una foto publicada por ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀MileyBR.com (@mileybrcom) el

5.-Biutiful: 1° de Diciembre

Biutiful, directed by Alejandro Inarritu . My rating: 9/10 . It would be too bad a pun to start this review by calling it a beautiful film, so I will say instead that it is a spectacle of a film. With stunning, crisp, and brilliant cinematography, Biutiful tells the story of a man struggling to provide support for his children, and although his work sometimes puts him on the wrong side of the law, he is a mostly kind, if not rough, man. And he has a seldom spoken of and seldom shown connection with death. The film has a harsh authenticity to it, present in the way it's shot and mostly in the characters and their chemistry. There is no exposition, leaving us to draw conclusions about what's happening and what it means, but also provides the story with an unspoken backstory which makes the characters that much more real, with full lives offscreen. And there is a subtle representation of the main character's connection to the world of the dead, seen in misbehaving shadows and slow reflections, sometimes hardly noticeable. This part of the story is also an underlying theme, building until the film's emotional conclusions and climax. Javier Bardem gives the greatest performance of his career, in both subtle and grand ways. He is never not believable, and elevates the film solely with his performance, compelling every moment he's on screen. And the genuine depth of his emotions and the increasing bleakness of his story makes the film a truly fascinating and emotional experience. It isn't easy to watch, but it is powerful, affecting, and rewarding. It's a story with one foot in a sad and heavy reality, and another foot past death, where ghosts are real and the spirits of the dead are all around us, and the main character is sensitive to this, and can even feel and see them in the movie's eeriest, saddest moments. It's a graceful film, from the mundane to the eventful, tragic, and even realistically terrifying as it becomes a story about grappling with mortality and leaving the world a better place than when you came into it. Powerful, beautiful, artsy, and masterful, though bleak and harsh. An amazing, arguable masterpiece of a film. #Biutiful #alejandroinarritu

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6.-El Aguador: 9 de diciembre

??MIÉRCOLES DE CLÁSICOS!!??. ‘THE WATERBOY' (1998) Un joven de 31 años, Bobby Boucher, es continuamente atormentado por los jugadores del equipo universitario para el que trabaja como aguador, debido a su carácter extraño (causado por la sobreprotección de su madre), y ante la indiferencia del entrenador. Cuando llega al equipo un nuevo míster, éste le convence para que juegue como defensa y dé rienda suelta a toda la rabia contenida que lleva dentro. #comingsoon #lovemovies #movies #worldwide #followus #follow #followformore #entertaiment #picture #cover #poster #film #wwmovies #thewaterboy #1998 #premiosrazzie #touchstonepictures #comedy #sports #comedia #americansoccer #futbolamericano #adamsandler #usa #elaguador #classics #player #football #team #college @adamsandler Bobby Boucher is the lowly waterboy for a college football team, until the coach discovers his amazing talent for tackling people much bigger than him. He signs the Waterboy as the new star player, but Bobby must keep it secret from his overbearing and domineering mother. Una foto publicada por WorldWideMovies?? (@wwmovies) el

7.-Personal Effects: 1° de diciembre

8.-The Duff: 1° de diciembre.

9.-Desconocidos: 18 de diciembre

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