#PorteOuverte: El hashtag que demuestra la solidaridad del pueblo francés

Después de la tragedia a los ataques devastadores que ha sufrido París esta noche, el pueblo parisino se levanta en un acto de solidaridad con sus compatriotas a través del hashtag #PorteOuverte.

El objetivo es ofrecer asilo en sus casas a los ciudadanos que estén aún en las calles de esta ciudad y que no tengan a dónde ir.


Porte Ouverte significa literalmente “puerta abierta”, es una iniciativa de los vecinos de la capital francesa y demuestra que a pesar de la emergencia, no van a dejar a nadie desprotegido.

My friend @lilahassan, who I met while studying in Paris posted that “Paris didn’t need to see anymore blood this year.” And I agree with her, but the truth of the matter is – the world doesn’t need to see anymore blood this year; now, or ever. Hearing the details of the harrowing events that took place tonight, it becomes all the more real. I walked those streets, I went to that music venue; that was my home. I felt the dramatic change and the melancholic mood that flooded the streets after Charlie Hebdo, I felt the frightening uncertainty of “is it safe to go out?” And it fills me with such sorrow and agony that this is occurring again — the tragedy, the manifestation of evil and the heartbreak that follows. I don’t understand how such destruction and hatred can control the lives of men, when we live in a world that is so beautiful. I want to share the wise words of Martin Luther King, Jr. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” While I don’t have answers about how to fix this, change this, or beat this – I know that no one deserves to live in fear like this, questioning their every move and wondering if its safe to take the metro or go out their front door. Pray for Paris, but also be praying for the world. Stay safe, mes amis. For those is Paris now, look for #porteouverte – citizens are opening up their homes as places of refuge for those that don’t feel safe or want to take the metro.

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Praying for Paris. #rugbygram #porteouverte

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